Bring Our Truck

  • No Charge to come out. Have approx. ten people committed to testing in a three-hour block of time? It’s generally worth our time.
  • Two (2) organizers test absolutely FREE
  • All training/fitness staff – half off (only $25)

Interested in having the BFIT Truck come to your gym, crossfit box, fitness center, spin/yoga studio, boot camp, book club, block party, any place of business (including your place of work)? We would love to hear from you!

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FAST – The test itself only takes 15-30 seconds. Folks are in and out of the BFIT Truck with their results in hand (and carefully explained) with a proven plan to hit their fitness goals. We schedule appointments in ten-minute intervals. In a typical 3-hour period, we test 15-18 clients. Happy to come as early in the morning or stay as late in the evening as necessary.

SAFE – We use natural fresh water and a tried-and-true method that is safe and effective for weight loss. No scary dual x-ray radiation, no electrical "pulses", no painful pinches which are all actually more time-consuming and way more physically invasive.

ACCURATE – Hydration levels vary greatly. 45-65% of your body’s weight can be water weight. We take that "noise" out of the equation. We separate water weight from lean mass for the most accurate measure of body composition.

CONVENIENT – Many places charge over $100 and make you come to them. We book our events around your schedule. We do all the work. No expense in your time. No need to invest in expensive-to-buy, expensive-to-maintain, fault-prone equipment that you or your staff must learn to operate. Plus, we help you promote the event with both full-color promotional materials and digital/social media marketing.